This and That

So, did you miss me?

For some reason, when life gets tough, the not-so-tough stop blogging, writing prayer letters, and communicating in general while we curl up in a ball for a while. Or maybe it’s just the introverts among us. Probably that was too sweeping a generalization. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I’m back and dipping my toes in the water again, so bear with me until I get my momentum back. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of photos when my laptop was stolen during the middle-of-the-night burglary of my home last December, but I have some that were still on my camera or else taken since then, so here’s an update on a few things that have been happening around here.

In November the Compassion projects in the area got together for a Sports Day.


Each team had their own cheering section. The ones in pink are our kids from  Huay Krating.


This is the group from Mae Ramat. Sadly, this project will be closing in June.


Just before Christmas, the churches in the Mae Sot area got together for a parade to celebrate Christmas and the King’s birthday.






Brace yourself for this next one, folks.


Yes, that’s me in a blue hula skirt—very Christmas-y, I know.

I think that’s enough excitement for one day’s blogging. I hope to be back soon with more unless the procrastination monster overcomes me again.


4 thoughts on “This and That

  1. dave pickett says:

    You guys seem to be getting younger, not older! We would love to see a photo of you wearing that blue ‘thing’ down a street in the States! 🙂


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