Things just get better and better

june192010 029

When I first started teaching English in the Compassion child development program a few months ago, we met in this little bamboo building. When I say bamboo, I’m not kidding—the floors, walls and house posts were all made of bamboo. Not the roof, though. That was made of leaves.

June 2010 034

The little bamboo structure served its purpose well.

English was taught.

Fun was had.

june192010 019

It had its problems however.

The roof leaked when it rained and there were big holes in the floor, so we had to be careful where we stepped and try not to drop things on the floor which would end up on the ground. And of course, any activity involving jumping was out of the question.

October 2010 002

So I was happy when after absolutely zero complaining on my part, it was decided to move the Saturday classes into a nice wooden house in the village until they can build a new building for the program.


Have you ever thought of a solid floor under your feet as a luxury?

October 2010 017 cropped

English is still taught.

Fun is still had.

Change is good.

Things just get better and better.


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