Last Impressions

Conventional wisdom says that first impressions are important. I’m afraid that I don’t always make a good first impression. What I prefer to think of as my reserved, introverted personality may well come across as cold, unfriendly, or boring.

Oh dear.

I’m friendly–really I am. And I like people–really I do. I just need to work on the warm and fuzzy stuff.

My contention is that last impressions are equally important, not to mention the relationship-building that happens over time. First impressions only last for a little while, but it is in the context of a lifetime of developing relationships that ministry happens.

Think of the last interaction you had with someone. How do you think that person felt after being with you? What was their last impression of you?

Luke 24:50-53 tells the story of Jesus’ ascension to heaven. As he rose into the clouds, the last glimpse the disciples had of Jesus was of him blessing them. Their response to his blessing was worship, joy, expectancy, and praise.

Wouldn’t it be great if the last impression we made on people was that we had been a blessing?